My passion to see the world was just a dream before,when I was young I enjoyed watching National Geographic Channel and as I recall there was an episode about Galapagos Island I told myself that when I grow up I will go there to see the Iguanas,Monitor Lizards, Emperor Penguin & Sea Lions.(Its a simple dream of a 10yr old boy).

Fast forward 19 yrs after, I haven’t been to Galapagos Islands =( but the drive to see the world is still here & growing,

now I not only intent to see the island, I want to see other places & experiance activities I haven’t done before.

Here are the list of places to see & activities I want to do before I reach 45:

1. Galapagos Island-see the iguanas,monitor lizard & huge sea lions

2. Antartica-Visit the Emperor penguins (maybe impossible)

3. See Moai statues of Easter Island (also impossible) but who knows…

4. Take a ride on the Siberian Express from Moscow to China ( I have been dreaming about this way back in college)

5. Walk along Prague Castle

6. Experience swimming along the caribbean beach

7. Sail along Ha long Bay in Vietnam

8. Visit Ankor Wat in Cambodia

9. Climb on top ULuru rock in Austratia

10. Be a certified scuba diver

11. See cherry blossom in Japan

12. Stand on the Great wall of China

13. Stand on top of Statue of Liberty

14. Visit MIlk Grotto in Bethlehem

15. Go to all the places I have been with wifey

And here are some of the places I had the priviledge to visit:

Celsus LibraryVenice

Lisbon SquarePyramids of Giza

CollosseumLost City of Pompeii


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