Churches & Heritage Sites

Whenever I go to a new place during my travel I always go to a church being raise in religious family having a close relationship with God is  with utmost importance and also asking for his guidance and thanking him for all his blessings. Not only that but also churches are a good source of information regarding the history of that place. I also admire the different architecture that each presents; From Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque,Victorian and Neoclassical.Each church shows intrigue designs from its skillful builders. It must take a lot of time and skills to build such church during the past era seeing the complexity of its interior & exterior designs like mosaics, stain glasses, altars.That is why I’m always amaze whenever I go to the church of each places.So its not just a place of worship I also appreciate the hard work these thespian have on each work of art.


Nizwa Souq

A week after I arrived in Oman, I’m so eager to do some exploration I ask my wife of places of interest that we can go.She told me that theres a lot like Fort,Souqs, Wadis and alot more, being new in town I ask her to take me on tour .

Our first destination was: NIZWA SOUQ

Nizwa Souq NIzwa Fort

Inside the fort are handicrafts store that sells usual souvenir items like pots, keychains, accesories.

They also sell daggers and swords.

My wife posing for picture

My wife posing for picture

At the back of the fort was the Mosque:

Nizwa Souq Mosque


Wifey checking for early chirstmas gift