Churches & Heritage Sites

Whenever I go to a new place during my travel I always go to a church being raise in religious family having a close relationship with God is  with utmost importance and also asking for his guidance and thanking him for all his blessings. Not only that but also churches are a good source of information regarding the history of that place. I also admire the different architecture that each presents; From Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque,Victorian and Neoclassical.Each church shows intrigue designs from its skillful builders. It must take a lot of time and skills to build such church during the past era seeing the complexity of its interior & exterior designs like mosaics, stain glasses, altars.That is why I’m always amaze whenever I go to the church of each places.So its not just a place of worship I also appreciate the hard work these thespian have on each work of art.


Hello world!

Kusadasi, Turkey

Hi everyone this is my first time to start a blog actually I’m not sure why I’m doing this I guess out of boredom..hehe
I myself have read blogs from other bloggers and its really entertaining to know the places they been too.( I myself is fond of travelling and have been to many places around the globe.)

Aside from travelling I also enjoy trying different cuisines french pastas, spanish tapas, chinese noodles, japanese dons, to name a few & dont get me started. Since before my wife urge me why not to start a food blog, she said that since I enjoy eating and trying out new foods,it would be a nice hobby aside from playing video games.yeah yeah I’m 29 and still plays pS3, the geek inside of me didn’t outgrow me. At first I was hesitant and was not interested at ALL.

For me Blogging will take a lot of effort and for me effort is a hard thing to do if I’m not interested.

But since transferring here in Oman and being in place which is not highly accessible,its takes a lot of sheer determination to how not to get bored and this might be a way..

enough of my melodramic prologue.

On this small space I would share anything that happens on my 29years of existence, well so far its been exciting, I could say that I been around the globe and seen places, but still there are a lot of PLACES out there I want to see & a lot of things I would like to experience.


A visit to the Shrine of Santiago de Compostela-Galicia Spain the burial ground of St. James

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

 St. Isaac Catherdral-St. Petersburg, Russia