Churches & Heritage Sites

Whenever I go to a new place during my travel I always go to a church being raise in religious family having a close relationship with God is  with utmost importance and also asking for his guidance and thanking him for all his blessings. Not only that but also churches are a good source of information regarding the history of that place. I also admire the different architecture that each presents; From Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque,Victorian and Neoclassical.Each church shows intrigue designs from its skillful builders. It must take a lot of time and skills to build such church during the past era seeing the complexity of its interior & exterior designs like mosaics, stain glasses, altars.That is why I’m always amaze whenever I go to the church of each places.So its not just a place of worship I also appreciate the hard work these thespian have on each work of art.


Nizwa Souq

A week after I arrived in Oman, I’m so eager to do some exploration I ask my wife of places of interest that we can go.She told me that theres a lot like Fort,Souqs, Wadis and alot more, being new in town I ask her to take me on tour .

Our first destination was: NIZWA SOUQ

Nizwa Souq NIzwa Fort

Inside the fort are handicrafts store that sells usual souvenir items like pots, keychains, accesories.

They also sell daggers and swords.

My wife posing for picture

My wife posing for picture

At the back of the fort was the Mosque:

Nizwa Souq Mosque


Wifey checking for early chirstmas gift

My first trip to Wadi Ghud

It was a thursday morning, as I was surfing the net on what other places that we can go here in Oman,there were a lot of results that came after my googling.The first one was Wadi Ghud “The Grand Canyon of Oman”. After reading about it I was amaze and trill and was ready to go.

Wadi Ghul- is an abandoned village, located to the northwest of Al Hamra in Oman. it was either this or Al Hoota Caves which I’m also planning to visit in the future. My wife said Wadi Ghul is like Jebel Shams its a mountain range that has a fantastic view.

She’s been there during the Eid-Holiday when I was still in Manila.

One of my wife fine shots,she's also have an eye for beauty

One of the spectacular view of Jebel Sham

Of course I wouldn’t let her get all the beautiful shots here in Oman. So I called our very friendly taxi driver to drive us all the way to Wadi Ghul. The drive will took about 1 1/2 hr. from our place, along the way I saw.

Bahla Fort

Bahla Fort

And I knew that we are getting near once I saw this mountain.

Going to the top

After much anticipation we arrived in the Old town of Ghul, the view wast just amazing its like the whole village was carved into the mountainside.


and as much as I want to go into the village, my wife was very prepared in wearing jeans and her china doll shoes (me being sarcastic). So I have to ask our friendly driver if we can go any closer to the village, which is a lot harder since we are on a vios and the terrain calls for a 4×4. haha

Nevertheless he drive us as much as his car can go, maybe because out of pity for my wife to walk on her Mall shoes. At the back of the village was a trekking site and a vast canyon.

I have to drag her all the way up with an umbrella  Our taxi waiting for us down the valley nice rock formation it reminds of  Prehistoric era or an oasis.

One of the canyons of Wadi Ghul

After the abandoned village, I asked our driver if we could drive until the end of the road on the way to the top of Wadi Ghul.

Here are some shots:

There was a tiny village at the bottom of the valley You will see huge gorge as you drive along.

actually I was aiming for the view behind he rbut still she made it more enjoyable. I tried going down on one of the canyon to see it closer.

Tan ta rara rannn::: we reach the top kudos to our driver for a job well done, well sort of this was the last stop as the flat road ends & if we want to continue a 4×4 is needed unless we want to wreck our tires & engine.

wifey having her frustrated model As I had this photo a song by the Carpenters play in my mind "I'm on the top of thw world and singing dum dum dum...

The whole trip took about 5 hours including the stops along the way but it was a fun-filled experience and the travel cost was very affordable.

Hello world!

Kusadasi, Turkey

Hi everyone this is my first time to start a blog actually I’m not sure why I’m doing this I guess out of boredom..hehe
I myself have read blogs from other bloggers and its really entertaining to know the places they been too.( I myself is fond of travelling and have been to many places around the globe.)

Aside from travelling I also enjoy trying different cuisines french pastas, spanish tapas, chinese noodles, japanese dons, to name a few & dont get me started. Since before my wife urge me why not to start a food blog, she said that since I enjoy eating and trying out new foods,it would be a nice hobby aside from playing video games.yeah yeah I’m 29 and still plays pS3, the geek inside of me didn’t outgrow me. At first I was hesitant and was not interested at ALL.

For me Blogging will take a lot of effort and for me effort is a hard thing to do if I’m not interested.

But since transferring here in Oman and being in place which is not highly accessible,its takes a lot of sheer determination to how not to get bored and this might be a way..

enough of my melodramic prologue.

On this small space I would share anything that happens on my 29years of existence, well so far its been exciting, I could say that I been around the globe and seen places, but still there are a lot of PLACES out there I want to see & a lot of things I would like to experience.


A visit to the Shrine of Santiago de Compostela-Galicia Spain the burial ground of St. James

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

 St. Isaac Catherdral-St. Petersburg, Russia